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In the fall of 1980, what is known as the second

bridge on the Beaver Lake Road was

constructed by the township and the

Peterborough county. In the summer of 1981, 

a bridge dedication ceremony was held and it 

officially opened as “the bridge to nowhere."  

This was a significant milestone for what were

water access cottage owners on Beaver Lake,

Gold Lake, Little Gold and Anstruther Lake,

as it led to the immediate informal organization

of the Gold Lake Road Association. The purpose

 of the Association at the time was to:

                                                                          1. Organize and convince the majority of 58                                                                               property owners on Gold Lake and Little Gold                                                                           to commit financial resources to build and                                                                                 maintain what is now the Gold Lake Road. The                                                                           majority of this effort was completed in a                                                                                   short period of time through the fall of 1981.

                                                                          2. Work with the government ministries to                                                                                 map out the route for the road and                                                                                             obtain approvals for construction of the road                                                                             on crown lands.

                                                                         3. Assist in the clearing of trees for the road 

4. Manage the construction processes of the initial road, including identifying potential contractors, the bidding process, choosing the final contractor, and finally managing the construction of the road.


The original volunteer founders of the Gold Lake Road Association were Dale and Sue Goodfellow, Bill Latham, Paul Welsh and Doc Hill. We owe significant gratitude and appreciation to these individuals for all of their hours of hard work, dedication, and tireless efforts to see this project through. 

Construction of our road commenced in the fall

of 1981 and was completed in the spring/summer

of 1982.  Since this time, many improvements and

upgrades have been made to the road, giving us a

good quality cottage road that is now heavily

traveled year round.

As time progressed the Association has become

a formalized group with its incorporation in 1994

followed by amalgamation with the Anstruther

group in 2004. This brings the current number of

properties serviced by the road to 84.

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